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Belló Advocacia, based in Porto Alegre and Gravataí/RS, has over 40 years of experience in defending the labors' rights. Aiming at providing to professionals and companies a 360-degree service, it also provides legal services in the areas of International Law, Civil Law, Tax and Social Security, through a network of specialized offices in Brazil and abroad. Among the principles that guide the activities, the following stand out:

Professional ethics - respect to the Code of Ethics of Advocates and the professional secrecy; intransigence in defending the rights of its clients.

Personalized service - over the years, with the dissemination of large law firms and the massification of the attorney-principal relationships, Belló Advocacia has remained focused on the client and his/her specific needs in order to serve him/her as best as possible.

Integrity and trust - absolute rigor and diligence in handling cases and in the relationship with clients.

Professionalism- guaranteed by the experience of professionals within the team, which works seamlessly and shares knowledge, ideas and principles.

Tradition + innovation - this combination provides effective advisory services through the expertise by those who have worked for years in the legal market and modern management tools that enable efficient streamlining of office operations.

   Praça XV de Novembro, nº 66, conjunto 909 - Centro - Porto Alegre/RS - CEP: 90020-080 - Fone: +(55 51) 3024.6036 /+(55 51) 3286.7781
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