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The Labor Law is driven by the ongoing historical evolution, being a powerful instrument of action against the social issues, to promote the legal balance in the employer/employee relationships, the respect for human dignity of those living on their work and to encourage the sustainable economic development.

The law firm was founded in 1968 in Porto Alegre/RS, under the coordination of lawyer Élida Costa, who fought hardly to reduce the inequalities between capital and labor, grounded on the worker's absolute submission to the dictates of the companies, which, at that time, used to subject workers to arduous and oftentimes degrading working conditions.

Social awareness, technical knowledge and economic power of the country of that time naturally led the law firm to specialize in Labor Law in the construction industry. The country was experiencing an economic miracle and the segment absorbed a significant number of workers who performed their duties without a formal contract in long workdays.

The specialist defense of construction workers took place until 1976, when the lawyer Sheila Belló joined the law firm, restructuring the services and expanding the range of activities for all professions, without distancing itself from the inherent philosophy of uncompromising defense of the workers' rights.

Both attorneys/lawyers stood out with the defense of the prerogatives of lawyers, always in pursuit of social equality, having Élida Costa being awarded the title of Citizen Emeritus of Porto Alegre, granted by the City Council in 1984, ceremony in which she remembered the exile and prisons she had suffered, and the Labor Judiciary Merit Order Award/Commendation, granted by TST – Brazilian Supreme Labor Court, along with her exile fellow Leonel de Moura Brizola. Sheila Belló, at different times, worked with the lawyer's associations, including the Institution of Assistance of Lawyers – CAA/RS, the Agetra – Rio Grande do Sul's Association of Labor Lawyers, the Union of Lawyers/RS and the OAB/RS – Brazilian Bar Association /RS, being given by the latter the Osvaldo Vergara Commendation.

Today, the firm is named Belló Advocacia and is managed by Sheila Belló, featuring a global overview of individual and collective relationships of the worker/manager binomial, with the sensitivity that allows it to adjust itself to the new political, social and economical realities that quickly renew themselves and require new positions, even acting in the areas of International Law, Tax, Civil Law and Social Security.
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