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Labor Law

With over 40 years of expertise in the labor area, Belló Advocacia serves professionals of all occupational areas, offering personalized service in securing their rights.

The law company provides the full range of legal services, following issues such as occupational injuries, occupational diseases, bullying, sexual harassment, gender harassment, workplace discrimination in employment, employment relationships, termination for cause, equal pay, non-compliance with internal corporate and collective law standards, and others.

With the working philosophy of striving for excellence in its services, Belló Advocacia is a reference in Labor Law in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and celebrates the high success rate in its suits.

Foreign Legal Consulting

Operating in global markets requires from companies and professionals, besides the correct positioning of the business, a careful attention to legal aspects of each country.

Belló Advocacia has a strategic partnership in Brazil and Europe, specializing in labor relations, providing to entrepreneurs greater security and assertiveness in the decision-making process. The advisory services include services such as work visas, writing contracts, settlement of foreign activities, enforcement of the International Labor Organization rules, and also prevention and resolution of disputes to employment contracts signed in one country and executed in another one, etc.

For assistance, there are lawyers available with large experience in the Brazilian and European markets, networked from offices located in reference cities, operating both local and globally.
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